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The etymology of the name of Lubliniec is connected with a legend handed down over generations. According to it the name of the town originates from the words uttered by Władysław I Opolczyk, who, when hunting in the local woods, was to say ”I like the idea of building a town and a church here” (association between ”Lubliniec” and a Polish verb ”lubić”– to like). These very words are believed to constitute the origin of the name Lubliniec. To the name a secondary ending -ec was added to differentiate Lubliniec from Lublin located in the Małopolska region. The town and municipality of Lubliniec are located in the north-western part of the Silesian province, in the middle section of the Woźniki Hummock. The town is 56 km away from the capital of the province – Katowice, 35 km away from Częstochowa and 50 km from Opole. Lubliniec has a favourable location in terms of its traffic connections. In the town there is a large railway junction, connecting Katowice with Poznań and Częstochowa with Opole. The area of the district is also intersected with the main routes of road transport, making this town an important strategic point on the map of Poland.The completion of Lubliniec City Bypas contributed to reduction of heavy traffic in the city centre and improvement of road safety. The town of Lubliniec, located at the Lublinica river, encompasses an area of 98.8 km2, nearly 70% of which are forest areas, 20% are occupied by agricultural grounds and 11% constitute investment grounds.

The population of the city equals ca. 24 thousand. There are a few companies in Lubliniec which are known not only in Poland but also abroad. The city owns 32 ha of investment land which belongs to the Katowice Special Economic Zone.The cultural sphere must also be mentioned here as it encourages inhabitants to participate actively in the life of the town. The animators of activities in this field are, for example, the Plac Konrada Mańki - Rynek MiejskiMunicipal Cultural Centre and the Józef Lompa Municipal and District Public Library. In the town there are numerous cyclic events organized, such as the Lubliniec Film Summer and a cycle of events Europe in Lubliniec and Days of Lubliniec. In 2010 Lubliniec has been awarded with  the Flag of Honour of the Council of Europe. In the nearby Koszęcin, a world famous Song and Dance Ensemble ”Śląsk” has placed its seat. Since 1946 a Song and Dance Ensemble ”Halka” has been operating in Lubliniec.

Also function recognized parish choirs: St. Cecile choir, operating since 1926, and St. Stanisław Kostka choir established in 1945, as well as a Vocal and Instrumental Ensemble ”Nadzieja”, a Youth Brass Orchestra and a Choir and Musical Ensemble conducted by Krzysztof Gembała. A cultural pearl of the town is the National Music School of the 1st degree, which boasts titled graduates and wonderful musical events. The Lubliniec land, located amongst woods and numerous water reservoirs, far from industrial centres full of smoke and noise, is called a ”Green Silesia”, as well as ”Green Lungs of Silesia”. Thanks to these advantages the town has excellent conditions to prac-tice various forms of recreation, especially cycling, trekking, water sports and cultural tourism. Modern football fields are located in every district of the city. The area of Lubliniec is also a paradise for sport lovers. It is where regular events such as"Bieg Katorżnika" ("The Backbreaking Race"”) and "Biego Nóż Komandosa" ("The Ranger's Knife Race") takeplace annually attracting many contestants who wish to try their hands at this extreme sport.

The town also promotes walking tourism. For the fans of this form of recreation, tourists routes have been laid out, leading through Lubliniec. These are: The trail of Silesian Uprisings (green trail), 73.7 km-long, leading from Woźniki to Dobrodzień; The trail of Natural Monuments (yellow trail), 61.2 km-long, leading from Boronowo to Ciasna; The Józef Lompa trail (blue trail), 83.7 km. The city of Lubliniec prides itself on bicycle trails, 120 km long. Most of them  are situated in the forest area.