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Museum Pro Memoria Edith Stein, E. Stein Street 2

In the corner of the market is a tenement house of Courant family – grandparents of Edith Stein. Salomon Courant, the grandfather of Edith Stein bought in 1856 a property located at Zaułek Ślusarzy 85 (currently E. Stein Street 2) whereon one year later a house was built. In childhood Edith with pleasure spent her holidays in the house of grandparents in Lubliniec. Upstairs was a large flat consisting of five rooms and the kitchen. On the ground floor were stores managed by Courant family. On market days children, also little Edith, were allowed to help in the shop. The evening conversations led on the store stairs were the most favourite children’s activities. In the basements of the house goods were stored and on the attic were a two- room flat, kitchen and dryer room. The property included also the backyard, vegetable garden and orchard. They were the most favourite places for children to play.

“In the large house of grandfather one can move in a manner different than in our cramped tenement flat. We knew every corner of this place and each of them was joyfully greeted by us.”

In 1922 Courant family sold the tenement and left Lubliniec. In 1933 Ryszard Ullmann from Kalety, a master butcher, became an owner of the house. Thanks to the favour of Ullman family in 1988 the sympathizers of Edith Stein created in the building of “Dom Courantów” (“Courants’ House”) mini- museum which exhibition has been gradually developed. With regard to prolonged renovation of the building in 2002 the exhibition was moved to Zespół Szkół im. Edyty Stein KSW (Complex of Schools named after Edith Stein KSW). In 2007, on the basis of the deal with Sabina and Piotr Ullman, current owners of Courants’ House, the city authorities began efforts to recreate the museum in its original localization. The museum opening ceremony took place on 28 February 2009.